welll lol

a long time ago alan n I wer bumpin some tunes at my crib like 2 in the moring we wer bored so we decided 2 go scoooter so as we wer riding he busted a lil 180 then i busted an x up / 180 then i spun out of it

it was a fun night


wooot woooot

well last night was pretty fun i went paintbaliin with a few friends of my mine i got caped in the leg and the hand/back uhm then i went home took a shower got all dessed then i playe vegas 2 got some exstreeem XP then i got bored with that soooo i played halo 3
4a tad got a killing spree/double kill itwas hott

bam bam

ther i was just chilln throwing this football around on my street then out of no wher boom baaam

a car hit me dead and it was really scarry andd yea  its cool cuz i was dead 4 a couple years and then i woke up

and i was like oooo omeeeee goood omy  ima life  n stuff it was wier d  and yeaaaaaa

msorta coool sorto wierd mmm/Users/student/Desktop/coolkids1.jpg

MMM Taste Goood

well ther was this guy and he just left random notes and he was ooogly gooogly and he was like an tall n skiiny african man and he had a 2 lazy eyes prety much like that guy who lives by shell gas place the 1 in the middle of nowher and chriss works ther uhmmmm this 1 time crhhhhiiiisss my brah and ect i WENT THER and shiined them it was scary uhhhm


well some thangs im good at but i dontreallythink about are like

bumpn music and uhm scootering this 1 time i busted an 1foooter 180 off this thingy

i felt pretty good i was like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

taste gooooooood im just chacha chilln


robot face


wer space ship

what time anytime baby

when feb8 21000000

what should you wear uhm prolly cyborg cop uniform ,mmmm

jea thgis thang is gunna be the shiizzzz

like your mother oooooooo


Auto Bio

hey this is keith im pretty cool im 13.
i have 1 friend and his name godumb18 he is also righteous
woot woot im bored and this class is soo hard
i like long walks on the beach and playing call of duty 4/madden 08
i have this guy and hes pretty good uhm im like an A student and all my teachers love me with a passion and i also like football and thats about it im pretty much just stay home and be fat
sometimes me and my brah rive around and get food and energy drinks then we go back 2 my shack n play cod4 and also i thizz non stop